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Final Project and Presentation Prompts

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Hey Folks, I decided that there will not be an at-home writing assignment this week for CSA #5. However, please read Chapter 6: Inequality: Men and Masculinities and come to class ready to participate and complete an in-class CSA, which will count as CSA #5. Have a nice week!

Once again, I have decided that your next CSA assignment will be completed in class. Read Chapter 7 in preparation and I will see you Friday.

Alright, so here is the plan for this coming week, Friday, 3/25. Rather than reading an article to complete your CSA, I want you do the following assignment in light of the fact that your final paper/project is due in just about a month:

This week's assignment:
#1-Type a paragraph discussing what you are thinking about doing for your final paper/project. This can be a rough idea; or you may even type a list of possible ideas/topics etc.
#2-Then, I want you to begin doing research on one of your ideas by finding one scholarly source that would be something you can use for your research. Print out just the first page of this article or source and type a paragraph describing how you might use this research in your final project.

Keep it simple. The idea here is to get you started thinking, brainstorming, and researching for your final paper/project. Refer to the Final Project Prompt above if you have not yet looked at the instructions for the final project.


Article Links for CSA #8: Read these two short articles to complete CSA #8 questions.

CSA#9-In class

CSA#10-In Class

Chapter PowerPoints, study guides, and links to helpful videos and websites corresponding to each section

Introduction to Sociology and Social Theory

Chapters 1 and 2-Introduction to Gender Studies/Ideology


Chapter 4

Exam #1 Short Answer Study Guide

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Exam #2 Short Answer Study Guide

Chapters 9, 11, and 12

Chapter 10

Chapters 13 and 14

For Final Exam, use this study guide as well as the above chapter study guides for chapters 9-14.