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OCC Syllabus

Final Research Paper Prompt

Final Presentation


Critical Summary & Article Analysis Assignments (CSA's)

CSA #1-Corresponds to Reading #1-Check Due Date in Syllabus

For those of you who have not yet obtained your textbook, a copy of article #1 can be found at this link:

CSA #2-Corresponds to Readings #5 and #6-Note that I reduced the total pages to read in the instructions

CSA#3-Corresponds to Readings #9 and #14

CSA#4-In Class
CSA#5-Corresponds to Readings #21 (reduced pages), #22, and #23


CSA#7-In Class
CSA#8-Corresponds to Readings 30, 31, 32

CSA#9-Corresponds to Readings 39 and 42

CSA#10-Will be completed in class.

Exam Study Guides

Exam #1-Two Part Study Guide
Part #1


Exam #2-Study Guide

Exam #3-Final Exam

Downloadable Lecture Slides

Introduction to Sociology & Anthropology-Lec #1

Introduction to Social Theory-Lec #2

Rosenblum Pages 1-21-Lec#3

Rosenblum: Pages 21-25-Lec #4

Rosenblum: Pages 25-40

Section 2

Rosenblum pgs 193-205

Rosenblum: Pages 205-217

Section 3

Attention: here is the link to a short excerpt from the book, "The New Jim Crow" by Michelle Alexander. Please read it and feel free to check out the website and purchase the book so you can keep your sociological imagination strongly engaged following the conclusion of our course! Also, view the short trailer (the second link) from a speech given by Alexander. If you would like to watch additional speeches given by Alexander on this topic, simply Google her name.

Section 4