Welcome to the course page for: Sociology 16: Introduction to Marriage, Family, and Relationships for the Fall semester of 2015.

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*End of the Semester Extra Credit Opportunity:Hey Folks, it appears the Documentary I discussed in class will actually be airing this Sunday at 5PM on CNN as noted on the following CNN webpage: http://www.cnn.com/shows/the-hunting-ground .If you are unable to view it or record it on CNN you should be able to rent it as a download on Youtube for under $5. Let me know if you need assistance.

Trigger Warning:As discussed in class, the film focuses on sexual assault on college campuses, so if you do not feel comfortable viewing this type of material, let me know and I will find another film for you to earn some extra credit points.

In order to obtain 5 points extra credit for this course, view the documentary and answer the following questions. This can be turned in anytime up until the end of the semester.

1. What is your overall reaction to this film? Explain
2. What do you think can help to solve this social problem? Explain
3. Do you feel that the film makers were accurate in their presentation of the issue at hand? Explain.**


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