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Welcome to the course page for Sociology A185: Analysis of Social Problems

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Final Paper

PSA/Solution Presentation

Extra Credit Opp (5 Points):

Watch one of the following films on YouTube and answer the questions below:

Films: Choose One
Freedom Riders:
Before the Flood

After viewing one of the documentaries, type a 1 page, single spaced response to the following questions:
1. How would you summarize this documentary in 3-5 sentences?
2. What did you find most disturbing and/or interesting about this documentary?
3. What did you find most inspiring about this documentary?
4. What is your overall reaction to this documentary? What do you think creates social change? Explain


Exam Study Guides

Exam #2

Exam #3-Final Exam

CRA Assignments (Chapter Review and Analysis)

CRA #1-Due 9/6

CRA #2- Part 1-Due 9/13

CRA#2-Part 2- Due 9/20

CRA #3-Due 10/4-- Read Pages 67-75 and 96-99 (This is a correction to mistake in syllabus)

CRA #4-Due 10/11

CRA #5-Due 10/18
Watch the following 2 videos:
*While watching these videos, note as many social problems as you can that are directly or indirectly discussed by Sir Ken Robinson. What do you agree with? What do you disagree with? What are some of the solutions that Robinson offers to combat social problems in the education system in America?

CRA#6-As discussed in class this past week, in place of CRA #6, there will be a quiz at the very beginning of class pertaining to our discussions on gender inequality. The quiz will be short answer and is designed to get you to begin preparing for the upcoming exam. Here are a few concepts and questions to help focus your studying (If you can do your best to answer these questions you will be ready for the quiz):
-What is the difference between sex and gender?
-How does the dichotomization of gender relate to social problems in American society?
-Is traditional gender role socialization connected to any social problems?
-What does this statement mean: "Sexism supports patriarchy"

Lecture/Discussion Slides (Can be downloaded and printed to bring to class)

Week #1- Introduction to Sociology

Week #2- The Study of Social Problems

Week #3- Capitalism and Inequality

Week#4- Global Inequality and Poverty

Week#6- Racial and Ethnic Inequality

Week#7- Gender Inequality

Week#8-Problems in Education

Week#9-Problems of the Family

Week #-11-Health Care Inequality

Week#12-Crime and Deviance

Week #13-Environmental Problems and Solutions