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Spring 2017 Syllabus (Orange Coast College)

Assignment Prompts



For homework #3, please follow these instructions (this assignment should be typed and can be single spaced, 12pt font).
Using the study guides for chapters 13, 14, 17, and 18, pick four terms from each chapter (4 from chapter 13, 4 from chapter 14, etc) and for each term, do the following:
1. Define the term using the book or lecture definition.
2. Define the term in your own words and create an example.
3. Select a similar term/concept from the course and explain/break down what makes these concepts similar and what makes them different, or, if you cannot find a similar term, simply try to relate this concept to any broad idea/concept/term we have discussed in the class. Your overall goal is to try and draw a connection between the term you have selected and any other idea, concept, or term from this class or perhaps even any other class.

Again, do this for four terms from each chapter that will be on the final. This should get you off to a very nice start in your studying for the final exam. Homework #3 is due on the day listed in the syllabus.

Social Inequality Research Paper

Downloadable Lecture Slides/Outlines/Chapter Study Guides and Discussion Questions

Chapter 1-The Sociological Imagination
PPT Slides

Lec Outline/Chapter Study Guide

Here are the links to some YouTube videos discussing Sociological Theories covered in class:
Conflict theory:

Symbolic Interactionism:
Feminist Theory:
Social Institutions:

Chapter 3- Culture
PPT Slides

Lec Outline/Chapter Study Guide

Chapter 4-Socialization and The Social Construction of Reality

PPT Slides

Lec Outline/Chapter Study Guide

Chapter 6-Deviance and Social Control

PPT Slides

Lec Outline/Chapter Study Guide

Video of Interview with Michelle Alexander discussing recent Justice Department Study:
Matt Taibbi Interview Discussing White Collar Crime:
Structural Strain Theory:
Theories of Deviance:
Labeling Theory

Chapter 7
PPT Slides

Lec Outline/Chapter Study Guide

Ted Talk Discussing Modern Slavery

Chapter 8
PPT Slides

Lec Outline/Chapter Study Guide

Chapter 9
PPT Slides

Lec Outline/Study Guide

Chapter 10
PPT Slides

Lec Outline/Study Guide

Chapter 13
PPT Slides

Lec Outline/Study Guide

Chapter 14
PPT Slides

Lec Outline/Study Guide

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Extra Credit Opportunities
1. Media Analysis Presentation-Will be Discussed in Class

2..Film Analysis of Freedom Riders-Will be discussed in class
Freedom Riders:
View the documentary: Freedom Riders. Type a 1 page, single spaced response to the following questions:
1. How would you summarize this documentary in 3-5 sentences?
2. What did you find most disturbing and/or interesting about this documentary?
3. What did you find most inspiring about this documentary?
4. What is your overall reaction to this documentary? What do you think creates social change? Explain